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ISJ Intelligent Technology

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Received: 2017-03-25
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Naim B, Samedin K

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Article type: Full Article
Abstract: Electrical and electronic equipment, as well as their residues, added most recently, are cast in different countries, thus posing risks to the environment and human health. So far in Kosovo had no legal framework for waste treatment, as well as civic culture for the environmental management of electronic and electrical waste. In Kosovo obvious environmental problems electrical and electronic equipment. For this are just in time to have a modern legal framework for environmental treatment, in conformity with European standards. Their environmental treatment years that started in developed European countries, especially industrial, also in Kosovo should be drafted and a draft decision on the environmental treatment of waste from electrical and electronic equipment. The purpose of this paper is exactly scientific, protection, conservation and improvement of environmental quality and minimizing negative impacts from waste electronic and electrical equipment. This paper aims to prevent waste from electrical and electronic equipment, as well as reuse, recycle and encourage other forms of recovery of such waste in the entire territory of Kosovo. Method of electrical and electronic waste in Kosovo should be done with a system for collecting solid waste which could have been provided only cities but not rural areas because they practiced very little recycling. Mainly waste disposed in waste piles location. With few exceptions there is no other deposits planned properly. Other place large deposits will be scheduled within a short time. The result placement of bins intelligent computer can then be opened with health insurance card. To use bins intelligent computer, the user must hold the card in a specific place and then a computer voice gives detailed instructions on how to proceed.
Key words: electrical and electronic equipment, recycling, storage, intelligent cards, environment.

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